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Let’s build a library!

While picture books and children’s books are common in American households, many of the students at ANAC have never read one.

With the help of Woodbury Girl Scout, Keagan, working toward her Gold Award, we are going to build a library and fill it with French and English books.

Donations toward this project will go toward the construction costs of the library room!

Program Highlight

The Food Program

Kozefò currently offers a food program for our Primary School. One lunch time meal. a morning snack, and clean drinking water are provided to the students, teachers, and staff.

The children of the Pernier community often go without a meal for the day or perhaps only receive one. The provision of a quality meal improves health and mental performance, allowing the children we support to maximize their full learning potential.

Our Programs


Primary School

Our school building houses 9 classes, 1st through 9th grade with 170+ sponsored students.


Food Program

Funding for the food program provides a noon meal for each student every school day.


Technology Initiative

Access to computers allow students to develop skills that prepare them for their future.

Teacher Training

Seminars and workshops are offered regarding teaching strategies and technology.


Support Our Mission

True to the meaning of Kozê and Fo, our mission is to "speak loudly" for the students and families we support in the Pernier community of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Through the generosity of people like you, we are able to witness the beauty of changing lives and creating hope.