details coming together.

Published June 12, 2012.

One week from tonight, I will be sitting in Port au Prince.  The details are coming together, as I prepare for my next adventure in Haiti.

My sweet brother-in-law and his family featured Kozefó as the Charity of the Week at their Crafts Direct store in Waite Park….and they raised $5700!!!!!  Super sweet!  Those funds will go towards continued efforts in our ANA Project and Feeding Program.  Check it out!

Our website designer is in the process of updating the site as we transition from Partners In Education to Kozefó…so stay tuned!

When I am visiting next week, I intend to observe in the classrooms and then work with our teaching staff (as well as 10+ additional teachers) in two days of training sessions.  There have been emails exchanged and skype sessions for planning, and I am soooo excited about the potential for my time to work together with them!

Many of you have contributed towards the purchase of French books to build a classroom library, so an order has been placed with French Scholastic in Canada….and now I wait for materials to arrive…please be praying that they arrive before I depart.

In my skyping tonight with the Program Director onsite, additional needs were mentioned: pencils, construction paper, white paper, ink cartridges for the printer, legos, board games, soccer balls and bouncy balls, so the details continue as I prepare to depart…hoping my luggage will hold it all (plus I have piles of cereal boxes to transport to The Apparent Project for bead making)!

Stick around for more updates once I arrive!

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