needing books.

Published May 16, 2012.

The work in Haiti is always on my mind.  I am always waiting and wondering what my next step may be.

And now…I have an idea.

The plan is to travel to Port au Prince in a few weeks…to observe the French classrooms…to teach English each day following lunch…and to share in a two-day teacher training session. I am thrilled with this plan!

But here is where I need YOUR support.  The classrooms currently have simple workbooks and NO actual story books.  I am hoping to share the concept of Reader’s Workshop as an instructional practice, filled with read-alouds, independent reading, shared reading and guided reading when I meet with the teaching staff. To do this well, we NEED books…in French.  I have met with the principal at L’Etoile du Nord – French Immersion School in Saint Paul, who has suggested titles and series.  The French contact at Scholastic Canada has heard my plea and will ship the books as quickly as possible.  I just need a little cash to make the purchases.  So I am sending my request to you, my faithful readers, friends and family.  If you can appreciate the need to read, please share in my desire to build a classroom library for the children in our school.

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