progress and patience.

Published January 19, 2014.

Time for an update on our activity in Haiti. Thanks to Director Rock, Accountant Edelyne and Education Coordinator Edwige, as well as Miss Nahomie, Teachers Alta Gracia, Roselaure and Amenika, and English Coordinator Gladimy for all of their work to keep things running on the ground.  My Creole is still VERY minimal, so I have become a big fan of Google Translate!  It has helped create communication options for me.

Primary School:

  • 47 totalstudents
  • 12 – second grade
  • 20 – third grade
  • 15 – fourth grade.

All the uniforms were made on time, and the distribution happened during the first school week. Each student received one new uniform. Most of the materials (pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, geometric instruments, books, chalks …) were bought and distributed during the first three school weeks, and each student was given materials related to their grade.  As for equipment, a blackboard, three desks for the teachers and curtains for the new classroom were bought and set up during the first school week.

The students were tested in several subjects:  geography, history, math, French, Creole and natural sciences. On December 20, 2013, the report cards were given to the parents during a meeting between the teachers and the parents.  66%  (31 of 47 students) passed the first term exam.

Food Program/Canteen:

The Food Program/Canteen began on November 4, 2013. Since then, the students have been receiving a meal every afternoon from Monday to Friday. The food consists of rice or corn meal, bean sauce and meat. According to an interview with the students and the teachers, the Canteen is very helpful, because some of the students do not often eat at home in the morning or after school. It also has a positive impact on the students’ regular attendance at school.


English Institute:

  • Averaging 30 students each week.
  • Classes – Monday-Friday.
  • Teacher Gladimy is working to have a great school in the community.
  • Extra money from classes helped buy a new battery and gas for the generator to provide electricity in the orphanage/school.

The progress has been such a blessing!  Thank you to all of the incredible donors that have made this possible!

We continue to have needs…just yesterday, I posted this request on our Kozefò Facebook page…

Needs: first aid supplies, water for students, laptop/internet

And within 24 hours, two people stepped up to coordinate the efforts of restocking the first aid supplies, and another (not having seen the request) approached me about assisting with providing clean water to the students.  So, I continue to trust…to seek God’s will in next steps….to follow my heart.

It is not too late to help…if you would like to contribute to the purchase of a laptop and securing internet access…or support the efforts around providing water daily to our students, please contact me at or donate directly on the website at

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