the generosity of others.

Published February 5, 2014.

Supporting the efforts of a small school in Haiti, TRULY takes a village!  We have an incredible team of individuals running the day to day operations of the business at hand…teaching, cooking, planning, organizing.  They are the workers! The ones that face the task of educating the bright-eyed, busy boys and girls each day. Shout out to Roselaure, Alta Gracia, Amenika, Miss Nahomie, Rosita, Saul, Edelyne, Edwige, Gladimy and Dukens!

And then we have the folks just a little further north and about 80+ degrees colder….that are doing their part. My B’studs…a group of 6 gals that I meet each Monday morning at 6 am to share coffee, prayer and conversations around issues of faith…pooled their resources (along with my other sweet pal Jim) to restock the first aid closet for our school/orphanage!

The crazy sad thing is that on the day these supplies were delivered, one of our sweet boys broke his arm!  No splint in this selection! They made do with a puzzle box to secure his arm in place, as they bumped along the rough Haitian roads to the local hospital, where he has been for the past several days (frustrating turn of events for my dear friends who had hoped to be bonding with their son this week-check out Annie’s blog here for more details)…I digress.

My point here being the GENEROSITY of others…the first aid supplies were greatly appreciated!  The other request from our Haitian staff was for a laptop and internet access.  The coordinator of our English Institute began his email to me with these words (have patience with his grammar/typos)…

In a day and age, where many, if not most American homes have multiple devices for surfing the internet via 3G or wifi networks, our dear school friend in Haiti must borrow technology, search for internet and hope for electricity or a generator in operation. So we purchased a laptop and speakers and sent them down to the school this week with Kozefò board member/parents of Stanley.

In order to cover expenses of the laptop and internet fees, we are selling Apparent Project bracelets!  For each bracelet sold, Apparent Project artisans in Haiti earn money to feed, shelter, and educate their families…while our group raises money to help bring a little technology and world wide web access to our school/orphanage staff. Win! Win!

I currently have a box of 150 bracelets just waiting to land on the wrist of one of you! Help us out…purchase one today.  Call, email, text, leave a comment…let me know if you want to become part of the village that is caring for the staff that care for these sweet kiddos!


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