june 2017 visit.

beach day.

Our Minnesota/California team of 41 has been fully immersed in Haiti! Who brings a team of 41? Well, yep, we did!  We ventured out in tap taps, spent a day with students at the school, visited the Apparent Project/Cafe and today we went to the BEACH!!!

On this island nation, we had many beach first timers, so this was quite an adventure.  79 students, along with all of the staff, interpreters and our team.  There were buddy systems, beach balls, one lifeguard close-call and all hands on deck for this introduction to the salty sea. It was so fantastic. In addition, to the splashing and swimming, there was a sex education seminar for our older students by Madame Edelyne. The cooks transported a full noon meal - chicken, rice/beans and salad.

We are sun-kissed and joy-filled.

student fun and a neighborhood walk.

There have been great adventures with the students this week, filled with music, dance, crafts and games.  The team members jumped right into the work, with the assistance of interpreters, building relationships with the students and building skills along the way.  There was also sponsorship letters being read and gifts being shared and soccer balls for all!  We trekked out on a neighborhood walk, complete with home visits and reunions with former students. The warmth of the community with friendly "bonswas" and open doors is such a treat. I feel like this is always one of our biggest take-away on these walks - how do we bring a little bit of that friendliness home to our own communities?

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