Difficult Decisions

Given the current situation in Haiti, we have decided to cancel our upcoming June Team Trip. It just seems too unpredictable at this time.

Once again, Haiti is in a state of political unrest.  As I mentioned in the newsletter last month, protests began in February and ended with no real changes or plans to explain the misuse or whereabouts of funds from the Petrocaribe deal regarding subsidized oil shipments from Venezuela.  Protestors are rallying in the streets calling for the resignation of the country's president, after allegations of corruption. These demonstrations have caused a strike that has shut down schools, businesses and government offices.  Public transportation has been limited, creating problems for our staff to get to and from school.

It was a difficult decision to cancel this trip, as we had a fantastic group of 9 young adults anxious to connect with students and staff for enrichment activities, the annual school beach trip, and the students’ year-end Spektak.

As we wrap up this 2018-19 school year, let me thank you for supporting us as we made the transition to our new space!  It has been a great year, as staff and students persevered through difficulties that those of us in the US cannot really even fathom.  Electricity is a rare gift...fuel, food, and water prices are at an all time high...and opportunities for education and paying jobs continue to be challenges that many, many Haitians face.  

Typically at this time of year, we have reached out to Sponsors for letters, photos and gifts to share with their students.  Given our limited team size, we had not made that offer this year, as we were not able to get 174 sponsor gifts to Haiti...and now that the trip has been cancelled, there is really no chance to get anything to the kids this summer.  My hope is to travel there once the new school year begins in the fall and would welcome anyone that wants to join me!

Please consider supporting our work with a financial gift, as we seek to pay off the remaining costs of the property purchased for our new school and continue dreaming about expansion.  With 174 students, if each sponsor gave $100, we would raise $17,400. There may be some of you that have the opportunity to share a little more - getting us closer to the $82,000 remaining on the property.   We could not do this work without you. Together we are stronger! You can give here.

Pray for Haiti and the situations they are facing. Pray for peace and wise leadership.

God Bless! 

Sara Lein
Kozefò Director

Posted on June 21, 2019 .