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the generosity of others.

Published February 5, 2014.

Supporting the efforts of a small school in Haiti, TRULY takes a village!  We have an incredible team of individuals running the day to day operations of the business at hand…teaching, cooking, planning, organizing.  They are the workers! The ones that face the task of educating the bright-eyed, busy boys and girls each day. Shout out to Roselaure, Alta Gracia, Amenika, Miss Nahomie, Rosita, Saul, Edelyne, Edwige, Gladimy and Dukens!

And then we have the folks just a little further north and about 80+ degrees colder….that are doing their part. My B’studs…a group of 6 gals that I meet each Monday morning at 6 am to share coffee, prayer and conversations around issues of faith…pooled their resources (along with my other sweet pal Jim) to restock the first aid closet for our school/orphanage!

The crazy sad thing is that on the day these supplies were delivered, one of our sweet boys broke his arm!  No splint in this selection! They made do with a puzzle box to secure his arm in place, as they bumped along the rough Haitian roads to the local hospital, where he has been for the past several days (frustrating turn of events for my dear friends who had hoped to be bonding with their son this week-check out Annie’s blog here for more details)…I digress.

My point here being the GENEROSITY of others…the first aid supplies were greatly appreciated!  The other request from our Haitian staff was for a laptop and internet access.  The coordinator of our English Institute began his email to me with these words (have patience with his grammar/typos)…

In a day and age, where many, if not most American homes have multiple devices for surfing the internet via 3G or wifi networks, our dear school friend in Haiti must borrow technology, search for internet and hope for electricity or a generator in operation. So we purchased a laptop and speakers and sent them down to the school this week with Kozefò board member/parents of Stanley.

In order to cover expenses of the laptop and internet fees, we are selling Apparent Project bracelets!  For each bracelet sold, Apparent Project artisans in Haiti earn money to feed, shelter, and educate their families…while our group raises money to help bring a little technology and world wide web access to our school/orphanage staff. Win! Win!

I currently have a box of 150 bracelets just waiting to land on the wrist of one of you! Help us out…purchase one today.  Call, email, text, leave a comment…let me know if you want to become part of the village that is caring for the staff that care for these sweet kiddos!


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considering my role in the world.

Published December 2, 2012.

It has been quite a week…my church pastors visited Haiti, seeing first hand, the continuing overwhelming needs in this nation…they met the sweet boys (Stanley and Davensly) being adopted by my dear friends…and plans are in place for a Kozefò board meeting in Los Angeles this month.

My heart for Haiti is heavy…I long to return…to do my little part of empowering the teachers in that corner of the world to be creative, innovative and reach deep into the minds of their learners.  I desire to be encouraging and uplifting…to play a role, by using my skills as an educator.

I see other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) sending groups into Port au Prince on a regular basis, spending thousands of dollars weekly to send another group…to do another project…to step in to “fix” something. Well…I am disheartened by those efforts.  Who are we to come in and “fix”…or make “American”?  We need to be question-askers…and truth-seekers.  We need to acknowledge others with THEIR truths, passions, skills, and desires…we need to walk along aside them and share the journey.  There are thousands of NGOs working there currently…so what is our role? Wouldn’t it make sense to hire locals…purchase locally…train and empower?  Flying in on an eight hundred dollar airfare to hold babies, run a free medical clinic, or a week-long day camp often does MORE harm than good.  Couldn’t we use that eight hundred bucks to support a locally run clinic…or send a young Haitian adult to school for training in education?  These are the questions that I am wrestling with…the ones that keep me up at night…that send me out into the blogosphere to read true accounts of friends living and loving in Haiti.

So…where do I go from here?

I will be praying and pondering…and trusting my next steps in the journey.   Take a look at the video clip below to get a glimpse into the images that race through my mind…

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remembering haiti.

Published January 13, 2012

Just two years ago, Haiti was rocked with an earthquake that registered at 7.0 on the Richter Scale, directly impacting millions of people.  It is estimated that 300,000 people died, while about 1.5 million people were displaced to 1,300 settlement sites throughout the Port-au-Prince area.

This sweet boy was there.  He was just miles away from the area most directly hit.  He lived in an orphanage with 25+ children.  He was 12 years old.  He was one of the eldest of the children living there.  He slept outside with the orphanage director, the other children, nannies/staff, and neighbors fearful of the aftershocks.  He rode in a pick-up with many children to and from the embassy, day after day, as paperwork was processed.  And he flew to America just weeks following this catastrophic event…to join my sister’s family.

This is my nephew JP. And little by little, we hear stories of what he remembers and what he is willing to share.

At the time of the earthquake and in the days that followed, many of us were fans of CNN and Anderson Cooper, as we watched the details unfold and heard the stories of the lives that were impacted and changed forever by this catastrophe.

And slowly, bit by bit we returned to our lives and the events that fill our days.

So on this day of remembrance, let us not forget. Let us think beyond our own circumstances and the lives that we lead. Let us see the needs of those still hurting in our world.  Let us not forget those that are still working to make their way…to find a way to feed their children, to send them to school, to find a job and a way to keep their families in tact.

Let us find opportunities to hear their stories…and to listen and to care.

Consider supporting Partners In Education, as a way to continue the work of rebuilding a nation…of bringing hope to the life of a child. Pass the word and share the news that great things are happening in Haiti.

Simply remember.

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partners in education.

Published December 11, 2011.

Many of you know that Haiti has become a special love for me. My sister’s two sons from Port au Prince sparked an interest years ago, and I just never really knew how to give back to a nation that continues to need support.  This past summer, my daughter Breelynn and I spent a month living in the orphanage where the boys had been raised.  We simply lived life among the people of Haiti and ended up teaching an English class to 35+ Creole and French speaking children.  Upon our return to the US, we became involved with a group of other interested individuals that were already working to support the orphanage and the school program in their site.  One thing led to another and I have joined in the development of a nonprofit called Partners In Education.  I recently returned to Haiti to further this endeavor, interviewing students in the primary classes, observing/supporting the adult English Institute and working alongside the Orphanage Director and the Program Directors to planteacher training and further develop the educational system in Haiti.  Our first initiative is to fully fund the current programming, and then to expand into additional schools.

Schooling in Haiti is vital to the growth and development of a nation.  Currently, all schools are private and many children do not have the opportunity to attend school without the support of donors.

Check us out here!

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