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The Building Project: One Month In

About a month ago, we launched our campaign for the Building Project. We've outgrown our current school building and urgently need to buy land and start building a new school for our students. In October of 2017, the landowner we rent from asked us to move our temporary classrooms from the side of the building to the rooftop... so that leads us to where we are now with over 100 kids crammed together in 7 classrooms on a tiny roof. And not to mention, rainy season in Haiti starts in just a few short months. Rainy season + rooftop = EEK! 

First, let us just say, we are so beyond thankful for the $40,000 (AHH!!) that has already been donated via our GoFundMe page toward this project. The support of our friends and family is incredible. 

That being said, we still need more funding. We have a big huge giant number of $800,000 as our overall campaign goal. But for right now, we're focusing on raising an additional $125,000 to complete phase one: buy property.

As you can imagine, we're learning a ton about Haitian real estate in this process. There is so much to consider when considering where to buy...

  • How far from the main road is it?

  • Is it accessible via car or motorcycle?

  • Does it already have a perimeter wall (these are surprisingly extremely expensive to install)?

  • Can we work around the existing trees and vegetation, or do we need to do any removal?

  • How far is it from where the majority of our students currently live?

  • Is there or could there be access to water?

  • Is the land in a good spot to eventually set up internet?

  • How many people own the land?

  • Does the landowner(s) have their paperwork?

Our latest discovery of land (see the photos below), was recommended by one of our student's parents and has a lot of potential. It's near the current school. There is a small building and bathroom on the property we can renovate to give us a jump start on building. There is also a perimeter wall already installed that just needs some small repairs. 

If you've already given to the campaign, thank you. Please spread the word and share our story with your friends and family. We will continue to give updates and share the progress of the project with you! 

From $20 to $20,000, all gifts, large or small, will work together to make a huge difference in the education and futures of these precious kiddos. Go to to give, follow us on Facebook for more updates, or let us know if there's another way you want to volunteer or contribute

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the generosity of others.

Published February 5, 2014.

Supporting the efforts of a small school in Haiti, TRULY takes a village!  We have an incredible team of individuals running the day to day operations of the business at hand…teaching, cooking, planning, organizing.  They are the workers! The ones that face the task of educating the bright-eyed, busy boys and girls each day. Shout out to Roselaure, Alta Gracia, Amenika, Miss Nahomie, Rosita, Saul, Edelyne, Edwige, Gladimy and Dukens!

And then we have the folks just a little further north and about 80+ degrees colder….that are doing their part. My B’studs…a group of 6 gals that I meet each Monday morning at 6 am to share coffee, prayer and conversations around issues of faith…pooled their resources (along with my other sweet pal Jim) to restock the first aid closet for our school/orphanage!

The crazy sad thing is that on the day these supplies were delivered, one of our sweet boys broke his arm!  No splint in this selection! They made do with a puzzle box to secure his arm in place, as they bumped along the rough Haitian roads to the local hospital, where he has been for the past several days (frustrating turn of events for my dear friends who had hoped to be bonding with their son this week-check out Annie’s blog here for more details)…I digress.

My point here being the GENEROSITY of others…the first aid supplies were greatly appreciated!  The other request from our Haitian staff was for a laptop and internet access.  The coordinator of our English Institute began his email to me with these words (have patience with his grammar/typos)…

In a day and age, where many, if not most American homes have multiple devices for surfing the internet via 3G or wifi networks, our dear school friend in Haiti must borrow technology, search for internet and hope for electricity or a generator in operation. So we purchased a laptop and speakers and sent them down to the school this week with Kozefò board member/parents of Stanley.

In order to cover expenses of the laptop and internet fees, we are selling Apparent Project bracelets!  For each bracelet sold, Apparent Project artisans in Haiti earn money to feed, shelter, and educate their families…while our group raises money to help bring a little technology and world wide web access to our school/orphanage staff. Win! Win!

I currently have a box of 150 bracelets just waiting to land on the wrist of one of you! Help us out…purchase one today.  Call, email, text, leave a comment…let me know if you want to become part of the village that is caring for the staff that care for these sweet kiddos!


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books for haiti.

Published June 14, 2012.

Great news.  The French books arrived today!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of family and friends, (in response to my “needing books” request) I will be transporting 230 books in my suitcases this weekend to create a classroom library in Port au Prince, Haiti.  You have no idea what this means to me…and what it will mean to the teachers…and to the eager readers at ANA Primary School!

They currently read paper workbooks with pictures to color and text below.

The joy of reading is such a gift…and it will be so much fun to share these new books with the kiddos.  Huge amounts of gratitude go out to the individuals that donated towards this effort…I could have not done this without you!  Additional money was used to to pay for the shipping costs to have them sent from Canada, to purchase collapsible fabric bins for storing the books, as well as to help pay for my extra piece of luggage. Mesi! Mesi! Mesi!

It truly takes a village…and I am blessed to be a little part of this plan.


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details coming together.

Published June 12, 2012.

One week from tonight, I will be sitting in Port au Prince.  The details are coming together, as I prepare for my next adventure in Haiti.

My sweet brother-in-law and his family featured Kozefó as the Charity of the Week at their Crafts Direct store in Waite Park….and they raised $5700!!!!!  Super sweet!  Those funds will go towards continued efforts in our ANA Project and Feeding Program.  Check it out!

Our website designer is in the process of updating the site as we transition from Partners In Education to Kozefó…so stay tuned!

When I am visiting next week, I intend to observe in the classrooms and then work with our teaching staff (as well as 10+ additional teachers) in two days of training sessions.  There have been emails exchanged and skype sessions for planning, and I am soooo excited about the potential for my time to work together with them!

Many of you have contributed towards the purchase of French books to build a classroom library, so an order has been placed with French Scholastic in Canada….and now I wait for materials to arrive…please be praying that they arrive before I depart.

In my skyping tonight with the Program Director onsite, additional needs were mentioned: pencils, construction paper, white paper, ink cartridges for the printer, legos, board games, soccer balls and bouncy balls, so the details continue as I prepare to depart…hoping my luggage will hold it all (plus I have piles of cereal boxes to transport to The Apparent Project for bead making)!

Stick around for more updates once I arrive!

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needing books.

Published May 16, 2012.

The work in Haiti is always on my mind.  I am always waiting and wondering what my next step may be.

And now…I have an idea.

The plan is to travel to Port au Prince in a few weeks…to observe the French classrooms…to teach English each day following lunch…and to share in a two-day teacher training session. I am thrilled with this plan!

But here is where I need YOUR support.  The classrooms currently have simple workbooks and NO actual story books.  I am hoping to share the concept of Reader’s Workshop as an instructional practice, filled with read-alouds, independent reading, shared reading and guided reading when I meet with the teaching staff. To do this well, we NEED books…in French.  I have met with the principal at L’Etoile du Nord – French Immersion School in Saint Paul, who has suggested titles and series.  The French contact at Scholastic Canada has heard my plea and will ship the books as quickly as possible.  I just need a little cash to make the purchases.  So I am sending my request to you, my faithful readers, friends and family.  If you can appreciate the need to read, please share in my desire to build a classroom library for the children in our school.

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