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hearts for haiti. 2011.

Published February 27. 2011

I have had a longing to travel to Haiti for quite some time.  Two sweet nephews joined our family and I have desired to give back, to the country that started life for these boys that have captured my heart.  The longing started years ago and it has been pulling on my heart strings on and off over time.  Although I have had this desire to go, it has always been unclear what I am being called to do.  Do I join a group on a mission I support programs financially from I commit to a specific project?  I see the "needs," yet my role in all of it remains unclear.

However, I have come to a place of peace...a radical peace that is calling me to go.  I will trust that God has a plan and I will go.  I will pursue His will and offer my time and talents to wherever that may be.

And so...I booked a flight.  For me...and for our daughter.  And the amazing thing is that my sis and her two girls agreed to join us on this adventure.  They will travel with us to Port au Prince and introduce us to the people and the land that they love.  We will share in nearly a week together, of trusting God's plan.

And then, when they depart, my girlie and I will remain...for the remainder of the month...simply living among the people of Haiti...loving on them...with open hearts to possibilities.  And we will trust.

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