Tips and information about how to connect with your student! 

Write a Letter

Your sponsored child will feel thrilled and delighted when they feel your love and support in a message directly from you. Write them a letter, and let them know they’re in your thoughts and prayers.

Send a Gift

You may have the opportunity to send small gifts to your child. They will love and cherish the gifts that you took the time to pick out for them. Be sure to check with us if this is possible, there may be weight or space issues.

Visit your Child

Volunteering for Kozefò is a possibility if you are interested in supporting our work at the school and meeting your student in their home country! Meeting them in person makes your sponsorship personal and can make a big difference in the lives of the student and their families!

Write a Letter

We encourage all sponsors to send a letter to their student with a few photos so that the students can make the connection to who is paying for their education. Each student and their families are extremely thankful for their sponsors and that you are financing their education. 

When writing your letter, it’s important to consider your sponsored child's environment and culture. For example, it's best not to write about the things you own since your child might have very few possessions. Feel free to share about your family, friends, and interests.

You can always include a colorful postcard or photo, which your sponsored child and their families will treasure.


When to Write Your Letter

Every June, Kozefo staff members travel to Haiti and deliver sponsor letters and gifts to the students.

Hand write or type your letter and enclose it in an envelope. Write your student's name, grade, and your name on the front of the envelope. 

Mail or email your letter by May 15, 2016.

Mail your envelope to: 

Doreen Haroldson
8092 Somerset Knoll
Woodbury, MN 55125

Email your digital letter to:


When You Will Receive a Letter

Student's will read and respond to your letter in June. We will mail them to you in July or August. 

Sponsor Letters Template

Dear (student’s name),

Write a short 2-3 sentence introduction. In your introduction be sure to include the names and ages of your immediate family and where you live.  

In the body of your letter, elaborate on 2-3 of the following prompts:

  1. Favorite thing to do for fun
  2. Favorite food to cook for dinner
  3. Describe any pets that live in your house
  4. Favorite sport
  5. Major/Emphasis of study in school or Favorite Subject in School
  6. Describe what you do for a living

Come up with 2-3 questions for your sponsor student to answer in their response letter. Think in terms of family, education, and culture (food, sports, chores, etc).

Print/sign your name

Helpful Hint: Your student does not read or speak English. Your letter will be translated by a staff member into Haitian Creole. Please keep this in mind when writing your letter. Keep it simple and easily translatable. 


Send a Gift

If you are led and there is available space in the luggage of the volunteer group going to Haiti in June, you may be able to send a small gift along for your sponsor student.

Connect with Sara Lein ( or a member of the group traveling to Haiti to see if they would be able to deliver your gift to your student. Due to strict weight and space issues gifts need to fit into one gallon sized zip lock bag.

UPDATE: We will be unable to transport any gifts from you to your student on the June Trip. Please write a letter and follow the instructions to get your letter to your student! Thank you!


Note: We do not allow sponsors to mail gifts directly to the school, mail often gets lost of stolen and rarely makes it to its destination.

Visit Your Child

Each year, groups of volunteers travel to Haiti to meet and spend time with the students and staff at the school. If you are interested in meeting your sponsor student and supporting the work of Kozefò in Haiti, consider volunteering with us!

Many of our current sponsors have meet their students (and some have met their families!) while volunteering at the school. Forming these close and personal relationships has had a very positive impact on both the sponsors and the students!