The Building Project

As A New Arrival Center School grows, the space in our current school building is becoming increasingly limited. With 100 of our 124 students in 7 rooftop classrooms, the building cannot sustain our growing size.

So, it's time for something new. We are purchasing land in our current neighborhood and beginning the process of building a new school campus for the school!

We would love it if you join us on this adventure! Click below to learn more and how you can get involved.

Our Programs

Our school building houses six classes, 1st through 6th grade with 120+ sponsored students.  

Funding for the food program provides a noon meal for each student every school day.

Seminars and workshops are offered regarding teaching strategies and technology.

Access to computers allow students to develop skills that prepare them for their future.

Give a Gift. Change a Life.


Donations toward teachers salaries, the food program, students' tuition, clean water, textbooks and supplies
all work hand in hand to change the lives of the children and families in the Pernier community of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 

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