June Kozefò Trip - June 25 - July 1, 2019

We are thrilled that you will be traveling to Haiti on the annual trip with Kozefò! We hope that you are excited to experience a week of new adventures using the gifts that God has given you! 

On this page, you will find all of the resources you need to prepare for the trip in June. Please review all of the information to make sure that you have everything you need.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact Sara Lein at sara.lein@kozefo.org

Plan Ahead

Travel Insurance

Before traveling with Kozefo, you will need to purchase travel insurance. We recommend Volunteer Card, which insures trip delays, doctor visits, medical evacuations, and baggage loss. Choose a plan that is right for you.


If you do not have a passport yet, you must apply for one as soon as possible so that you receive it within plenty of time before we travel.

Medical Recomendations

Medical recommendations can be found here.

You may want to discuss your travel plans with your physician and make decisions regarding vaccinations and  preventative medications.

Learn Haitian Creole Words & Phrases

Bonjou, komon ou ye? Learning some of these basic words and phrases will go a long way during your stay in Haiti.

There are also many apps for your phone that can make it fun and interactive (we recommend "French Creole for Aid Workers, by Brainscape). 

Learn Names & Faces

Familiarize yourself with the ANA Students and Teachers & Staff, you can find their names and photos by clicking the buttons below.

Recommended Readings

About Serving

Slow Kingdom Coming by Kent Annan

- When Helping Hurts by Fikkert & Chalmers

Activity Ideas


Sports & Play

Four Square
Jump Rope
Hula Hoop
Balloon Tennis
Tug of War
Sponge Relay Racing
Duck, Duck, Goose
Parachute Games
Relay Games
Get Creative!


Educational Fun

Science Experiments
Play Doh
Paper Airplanes
Math Games
Teach a Song
Teach an Instrument
Teach a Dance
Make an Instrument (Rain Maker, Rattle, Drum, etc)
Get Creative!


Arts & Crafts

Popsicle Stick Art
Make Your Own Jewelry
Chalk Art
Paper Mache
Mosaic Art
Get Creative!


Fun & Games

Card Games
Finger Football
Matching Games
Magic Tricks
Ring Toss
Cup Stacking
Board Games
Connect Four
Get Creative!

Flight Information

Arrive at the Delta Ticket Kiosks in MSP Terminal 1
NO LATER than 4:30 am on Tuesday, June 25th.

Minneapolis to Port-au-Prince

Flight Number: Delta 1122
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Estimated Departure: Minneapolis (MSP) 6:20 AM
Estimated Arrival: Atlanta (ATL) 9:45 AM


Flight Number: Delta 685
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Estimated Departure: Atlanta (ATL) 11:20 AM
Estimated Arrival: Port-au-Prince (PAP) 2:40 PM

Port-au-Prince to Minneapolis

Flight Number: Delta 684
Date: Monday July 1, 2019
Estimated Departure: Port-au-Prince (PAP) 3:30 PM
Estimated Arrival: Atlanta (ATL) 6:45 PM


Flight Number: Delta 569
Date: Monday July 1, 2019
Estimated Departure: Atlanta (ATL) 9:05 PM
Estimated Arrival: Minneapolis (MSP) 10:59 PM

Sample Trip Itinerary | June 25 - July 1, 2019

Subject to change.

Tue, June 25 - Travel Day

4:30 am Arrive at MSP airport. Meet at Delta ticketing kiosk
6:30 am Delta Flight 1565 departs
9:55 am Arrive in Atlanta
11:30 am Delta 685 departs
2:35 pm Arrive in Haiti. Tap Tap to guesthouse. Get settled and relax at Guest House.
6 pm Dinner at Eucalyptus Village. Team meeting dinner.

Wed, June 26

7:30 am Breakfast at Eucalyptus Village
8 am Depart for A New Arrival Center (ANAC)
9 am-12 pm Student Activities
12-1 pm Travel Time
1-2:45 pm Visit Papillion & Café (bring $$$ for smoothies, snacks, jewelry, pottery, metal work) Credit cards accepted for merchandise purchases)
4-5:30 pm Baseball Sports Camp at Sakala in Cite Soleil
6 pm Dinner at Eucalyptus Village. Team meeting after dinner

Thur, June 27 - Field Trip Day

7:30 am Breakfast at Eucalyptus Village
8 am Depart for Beach
9 am-2:30 pm Student Day at the Beach
2:30-3:30 Travel time
4-5:30 Baseball Sports Camp at Sakala in Cite Soleil
6 pm Dinner at Eucalyptus Village. Team meeting after dinner

Fri, June 28 - Neighborhood Walk

7:30 am Breakfast at Eucalyptus Village
8 am Depart for A New Arrival Center (ANAC)
9 am-12:30 pm Student Activities
12:30-2:30 pm Lunch and Neighborhood Walk property of new school
2:30-4 pm Travel Time and Grocery Store stop at Belmart (bring $$ for snacks)
4-5:30 pm Baseball Sports Camp at Sakala in Cite Soleil
6 pm Dinner at Eucalyptus Village. Team meeting after dinner


Sat, June 29 - Spektak

8 am Breakfast at Eucalyptus Village
8:30 am Depart
9-?? The Spektak! (you may want to dress up a little, the students will look snazzy!)
??-4 pm Port Au Prince Scenic drive: “Houses of Jalouzi”, Boule 12. (Bring cash for street shopping and a snack)
4-5 pm English Conversation Practice with adult students - High Level English Institute
5:30 pm Dinner at Pizza Amore


Sun, June 30 - Church and Wahoo Bay Beach Day!

TBD Breakfast at Eucalyptus Village
TBD Church with Pastor Ernso – Partneaire Christian
TBD Soup JouMou at Eucalyptus Village

Wahoo Bay Beach Day –Bring $$$ for food, activities and shopping at the beach.

Late Dinner at Eucalyptus Village

Rooftop Closing Team Meeting

Mon, July 1 - Travel Day

Pack up – open morning
1:00 pm Arrive at PAP airport
3:30 pm Delta Flight 684 departs
6:45 pm Arrive in Atlanta
10:20 pm Delta Flight 1618 departs
11:58 pm Arrive in MSP



Eucalyptus Guest House

They will provide linens, towels, showers, & fans in bedrooms, Wi-Fi Internet Access, and cold drinks ($1)

Amenities include: a  delicious breakfast, where fruits are always their freshest and locally grown coffee simmers every morning, free appetizing dinners, free wireless Internet access, a naturally heated pool, open terraces, a tennis court, table tennis, and beautiful views.


Packing List


1 Carry On Bag
Pack all of your clothes and personal items in this bag. It should be small enough to fit into the overhead compartment. See airline website for requirements.

1 Backpack or Personal Item
You are allowed to bring one personal item in addition to your carry on suitcase. Back a backpack or large purse with snacks, notebooks, empty water bottle, ziplock bag for all 3oz liquids (see MSP guidelines), and other miscellaneous items.

1 Checked Bag, less than 50 lbs.
This will primarily be used for supplies. Prior to the trip, we will be distributing supplies and packing lists for items we need to bring with us. 

The Essentials

3 copies: At home, checked bag & carry-on bag

Spending Money
Suggested $100 if you want to purchase gifts/souvenirs


Light weight clothing
shorts and tanks tops are acceptable

Extra Undergarments
you will be hot and sweaty!

Nice Skirt/Dress (for the gals),
Nice Button Up/Slacks (for the guys) 
for Church

Swimsuit & Beach Towel


Good Walking Shoes  
There are rocky, dirt roads. 

with straps for church (gals)

Flip flops
for the shower, at the guesthouse



Medical Items

Bug Spray (Including DEET)
Hand Sanitizer

Anti-Diarrhea medication
Anti-Nausea medication
Night-time sleep aid
Anti-itch cream


For Your Planned Activities
You and your group must bring all supplies needed for your planned activities. 

To Restock the School:
(Pack whatever of these items that you can in your checked bag)

EXPO Markers
Earbud Headphones
Printer Paper, Construction Paper
Large Chart Paper
Blue Ink Pens
Bottles of Glue, Glue Sticks
Pencils, Colored Pencils, Crayons
Balloons, Streamers, Banners

For the Apparent Project:
Empty cereal boxes

Snack Food

We will not be eating prepared lunches during our trip. Be prepared to eat snacks in the afternoons to tide you over until dinner. 

Note: No chocolate! (It melts too quickly)

protein bars
beef jerky
granola bars
dried fruit
peanut butter (DO NOT pack in carry on bag - it will be taken away at security)



Bible, Journal and Pen

Refillable Water bottle
We will only be drinking filtered water during our stay. Water bottles are necessary.

Alarm Clock (battery operated) (optional)

Ear plugs (optional)

Flashlight with batteries (optional)


Bandana, Hat, or Visor

Camera (batteries or charging cord, extra memory card) (optional)

Playing Cards or small board games (optional)