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Meet the Director

Rock Erick Cayo was born in Haiti on January 4th, 1963 from a poor family. While most in his situation never receive an education, Rock worked extremely hard and eventually completed high school at 27. Since most higher education in Haiti is offered through expensive French private schools, Rock went to the United States as an illegal resident in order to further his education. In the U.S., he earned his GED and enrolled in college as a computer science major. However, because he was not a United States citizen, he was ineligible to receive financial aid and could not afford tuition and ultimately had to leave the school. 

In 2001, Rock got his American residency and returned to Medega Ever College in Brooklyn, New York and graduated with his computer science degree. Rock then got married and had children. He worked several jobs to support his family. In March 2003, Rock's brother in Washington state shared with him an opportunity to run an orphanage in Haiti. While he had no experience in this, Rock felt called to return to Haiti and help in any way he could. 

In May of 2003, Rock returned to Haiti and on July 14th A New Arrival Center (ANAC) was opened. For two years, ANAC focused solely on adoptions. But as time passed, Rock felt it was not what he really wanted to do to help his country’s children and their families. He realized that the people of Haiti needed more. So, he decided to make A New Arrival more than just an orphanage, by adding a Primary School on site. He dreams of building a community center that would focus on improving the lives of families in Pernier.