Technology Initiative

Kozefò has a classroom set of 20 Chromebooks, an LCD projector, a printer, and tech accessories for the school.  

The school was accepted to become the first a Google Apps for Education school in Haiti. The donation also provided funding for a technology teacher, as well as installation of a small wi-fi system.

Our Goal

Accessing information and learning skills via technology will enhance learning for the students of the school, developing as 21st Century Learners. Students actively make choices about how to seek/search for information, as well as how to display/share what they are learning. Critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative group work are integral skills within the technology initiative.

Partnership: White Bear Lake Public Schools

The partnership between ANA Primary School and White Bear Lake Public Schools is intended to provide the opportunity to open minds and classrooms to other cultures. As students discover that education and people in far away places can look different, but at their cores, they are very similar. The long-term goal is to establish a regular meeting time between the two schools to develop an ongoing relationship of collaborative learning.