Volunteer with Kozefo

Every year, Kozefo sends a group of 20-25 people to Port-au-Prince to spend a week with our students and staff and to experience Haiti.

We will work with specialized volunteers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, contractors, and educators to customize an agenda of activities to suit your specific talents. For more information, e-mail Kozefò’s Director, Sara Lein at sara.lein@kozefo.org.

Activities may include:

Teaching: English, French, Creole or Vacation Bible School

Helping: to cook, clean and general maintenance around the school.

Enriching: by developing and conducting afterschool programs, such as, games, sports, dances, environmental education, art projects and more.

Learning: the Creole and French languages along with Haitian culture. 

Field trips

You can join the students on learning trips throughout Port-Au-Prince. Sometimes this will be a more formal event where we will visit landmarks, museums, or go for history walks. Other non-formal field trips include walking around the neighborhood, exploring the mountains behind the school or visiting markets.


Adventures are experiences that can be provided at an extra charge. For example a Volunteer can take a weekend to have a two day beach trip to Jacmel, one of Haiti’s most beautiful beach cities or to Sot-deaú, a site under a beautiful waterfall. Volunteers will be responsible to cover their own costs but a vehicle and guidance will be provided on each adventure.

Scheduled Trips

Are you scheduled to go on an upcoming trip? Click on the trip below to access all of your personalized trip information and details.