classroom observations, student successes and selfies.

Published April 27, 2014.

The recent trip to Haiti was intended for securing details for the upcoming Kozefò Team trips in June and July.

Guesthouse √

Transportation √

Daycamp Plans √

Outings √

Building project measurements √

Success.  And yet, there was sooooo much more.  I had the opportunity to sit in all three classrooms to confirm sponsored students in attendance…as well as to observe the creative teaching that was occurring.  Much of Haitian education is focused on recitation and memorization…and on this visit, I saw creativity in activities – kindness and encouragement – collaboration as students shared and worked together.  There were lessons on geometry and grammar and French reading instruction – complete with visuals to aid in comprehension.  I took notes and had the opportunity to share my findings with the teachers [we ALL need to be encouraged and affirmed.]

There was also an incredibly sweet walk through the neighborhood, as I viewed construction options, met neighbors and parents of students, and discovered one of our students who had been sent from school due to his destructive behavior.  The teachers explained to me that he was “sick in his head.” He had been defiant and willfully disobedient.  I happened to see him across the way in a home…so I called him by name and waved him over.  Our handyman (my interpreter for the day-he has taken a few months of beginning English) translated for me…I think. The incredible blessing is that this young student showed up for class the next day!  He was welcomed back…and when he stood to read aloud, his classmates cheered for him and his teacher exclaimed “Bravo!”  Success. Pray for continued success.

Friendly neighbors…certain to make me feel loved…

Students walking home after a day of classes…

The boys and their English Instructor Jonas…

And finally…everyone enjoys selfies!  At least we did! Hope you do too.


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