september 2013 visit.

Published September 2013.

back to school prep…in port au prince

School supplies have been donated and packed up.

Photos from classrooms at L’etoile Du Nord French Immersion have been printed and are ready to be shared with teachers.

Flights are confirmed.

Airport pick-up is set.

Luggage is packed.

I am so excited to see the boys at the orphanage, the school children and the staff!

Thanks to all for encouragement and support.  It truly takes a village.

All I need now is prayers.

productivity x 3.

It has been a complete whirlwind these past three days. I am both physically and emotionally exhausted…but in the very best way.  Roberson and Cynthia picked me up this afternoon, so I will spend the night at the guesthouse…share dinner at Pizza ‘Amour! (sounds delightful) and attend church with them in the morning before flying back home.

With the fatigue I am feeling, it may be best to let the pictures do the talking.  Thank you so much for the prayers for productivity…they WERE felt!watched a little tv with the boys (yep, Soul Surfer in French), delivered new flip flops ( tennies were too big for now), interviewed new students, hung out with ANAC School kids, met with ANAC teachers, observed an English Lesson with Jean Janel Toussaint, met with Accountant Edelyne, coordinated efforts to begin the English Institute with Gladimy, listened to the boys sing “Juanito” songs with neighbor Eddy, hung out with these sweet ladies…Miss Nahomie and Miss Rosita, painted two rooms and organized a bookshelf, hired a local man to weld our broken chairs and paint ALL of the school furniture, hired a new teacher for grade 4, ate delicious Haitian food, practiced my Creole and their English, helped the boys call their families in the US, and said farewell for now.

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